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Photo Button Box

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


For many of us, old buttons are a bit like pennies; we have no real need for them, but we just can't seem to throw them away. And so they accumulate in drawers, jars, and boxes long after the clothes that they belonged to are gone.

Diana Epstein has a wonderful suggestion to help you make use of your old buttons by incorporating them into a photo button box made with family photographs. Reminiscent of folk-art forms, these boxes are beautiful pieces of memorabilia that will be cherished for years to come.


  • Box, made of wood or strong cardboard

  • Buttons

  • Several favorite photographs

  • Hot-glue gun


  1. Select the photographs you want to use, and plan the desired arrangement of the photos and buttons on the outside of the box. You can center a single photo on the cover of the box, framing it with buttons, or choose several photos, attaching them to each side of the box, and filling the surrounding spaces with buttons.

  2. Apply glue to the back of the photos, and carefully position them into place. Then, applying glue one small section at a time, attach buttons to the box in the desired pattern around the photos, covering all exposed surfaces. Let dry.

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