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Decorative Stopper

Photography: Formula z/s

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2001


You'll never have to abandon another decanter that has become separated from its stopper or discard an attractive olive oil or liquor bottle that came with a twist-off top. Join craft-store corks with vintage or new drawer pulls of faceted glass, painted porcelain, and cast metal, and you can build a collection of shapely carafes for oils and extracts. If Dad is a cook, give him one for Father's Day.


  • Cork stoppers

  • Drawer pulls and screws

  • Pencil

  • Glue


  1. Cork stoppers are available in various sizes at craft stores. Use any drawer pull to decorate them; if a vintage pull is missing its bolt, the hardware store will have one that fits. Mark the center of the top of the cork with a pencil. Dab a little glue onto the bottom of the screw, and twist it into the cork at the mark.

  2. Depending on the pull type, you will either leave enough exposed screw to pass through the pull or thread the screw through the pull first. There are several types of screws for pulls: Here, from left, a hanger bolt receives the cast-metal pull with solid top and a threaded hole; another hanger bolt with finishing cap goes through the entire ceramic pull; an ordinary flathead screw works to secure the green-glass knob.

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