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Flower Arrangements from the Backyard

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2009

Introduction CEO Jim McCann recommends looking in your backyard for natural items, such as branches, holly berries, or pinecones, to fill out flower arrangements.


  • Backyard Arrangement Tools and Materials

  • Amaryllis

  • Found natural items

  • Vase

  • Flower food

  • Bleach (optional)


  1. Begin by filling a vase close to the top with cool tap water. Add flower food and a few drops of bleach to prevent bacteria buildup. (You can also prevent buildup by removing the leaves and thorns that will sit below the water line.)

  2. Cut amaryllis stems at an angle so they can more easily absorb water. Arrange in the vase, and then add branches, berries, and other found items as desired.

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