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Valentine Rolling Stamp

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


This Valentine's Day, you can personalize an envelope, enhance a blank greeting card, or even design your own stationery with a customized rolling stamp. As stylist Helen Quinn demonstrates, with some self-adhesive foam, colored ink, kraft paper, and a little creativity, the process is easy and sure to yield memorable holiday greetings.

Tools and Materials
1 1/4-inch wooden dowel
2 two-inch screws
Self-adhesive foam
Low-tack tape
Kraft paper, cards, and/or envelopes
Rubber or latex gloves

Valentine Rolling Stamp How-To
1. Cut the dowel to a length of 1 to 3 inches, stand it on one end, and drill a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws into the center. Repeat for the other side. Insert the two screws, leaving 1 inch protruding from the handle on each end.

2. Cut out a design, such as a heart, from the self-adhesive foam. You may find it easier to draw it first on the back of the foam. If you want to make letters, draw them on the back, and place them in reverse order on the roller. Remember to cover as much of the roller as you can; don't leave large gaps.

3. Lay the kraft paper, card, or envelope down on a smooth surface, and tape it down using the low-tack tape. Roll the foam-covered roller on an inkpad until it's thoroughly coated. Wear gloves to prevent the ink from staining your fingers. Roll the inked roller across the paper, card, or envelope from one edge to the other. Re-ink, re-roll, and then allow it to dry. The roller can be washed with soap and water; allow it to dry before printing again or using a different color.

We used a design-a-stamp 1/16-inch soft rubber adhesive back from Dick Blick Art Materials. The fadeless duet art and craft paper was from Bemiss-Jason. Cards and envelopes were from Kate's Paperie.

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