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Mother's Day Gifts

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


If you're looking for the perfect gift on Mother's Day, consider these simple and thoughtful crafts that any mom would love.

A caddy provides an attractive means for storing and carrying around anything, from toys to garden tools. Take an old box and convert it into a caddy by drilling two holes in the side, and tying strong rope or leather to make handles. You could paint this box, too, and include a special message on the outside.

Garden Tools
Coating the handles of garden tools with colored paint provides a sure way for mom to spot them when they're left in the garden. To do this craft, paint the wooden handles with colored water-based latex enamel spray paint and a clean paintbrush. To let them dry, stick them in a bucket of sand.

Herbs in Clay Pots
Planting an assortment of herbs either in a large ceramic or clay pot, or individually in small ceramic or clay pots is a touching gift for Mother's Day. You can buy herbs, like parsley, thyme, oregano, sage, lavender, and rosemary at your local nursery. They are usually sold in plastic containers, but you can buy small ceramic or clay pots or one large pot. Transplant the herbs from the plastic container into the pot with potting soil. Give them a small amount of water. In no time, this herb garden will start to flourish.

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