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Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2009


Use an everyday frying pan to guide the shape of this simple-to-sew poncho from Built by Wendy fashion designer Wendy Mullin.


  • 2 yards wool fabric or twin-sized wool blanket

  • Scissors, rotary cutter, and ruler

  • 8-inch frying pan

  • Tailor chalk

  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread

  • 7 yards 1/2-inch double-fold bias tape in coordinating color

  • 6 buttons

  • Hand-sewing needle


  1. Cut two 33-by-36-inch pieces from fabric: one piece for the front of the poncho, and one for the back.

  2. Fold the front piece in half lengthwise (the folded fabric should be 16 1/2 by 36 inches). Lay the frying pan on the fold, as shown in the diagram, and trace the front neckline. Mark the bottom of the handle on the fold; cut a slit along the fold from the neckline to this mark. Gently round the corner (on both layers) where the neckline and slit meet. Lay the frying pan on the bottom corner, as shown in the diagram, and trace and cut the curved corner on both layers.

  3. Fold the back piece in half lengthwise, exactly as you did for the front piece. Lay the front piece on top of the folded back piece. Trace the bottom corner of the front piece onto the back piece, and cut. Measure 2 inches up from front neckline on the back piece and mark. Lay the frying pan on top of the back piece at the 2-inch mark, as shown in the diagram; trace and cut the back neckline.

  4. With right sides facing, sew the front piece to the back piece along one shoulder, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

  5. Attach bias tape binding around the neck and the outer edges. Start and end the binding on the raw edges of the unsewn shoulder.

  6. With right sides together, sew the front to the back at the second shoulder, capturing the binding ends within the seam.

  7. Measure 1 frying pan width down from one shoulder and make a mark close to the edge of the poncho, to indicate the placement of the first button. Measure another frying pan width from this mark and make a second button mark. Mark a point in between these two marks for the third button. Attach the buttons, where marked, through both layers of the poncho. Repeat to attach 3 more buttons to the other side of the poncho.

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