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Wheat Grass Table Runner/Centerpiece

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2006


Wheat grass makes a wonderful Easter table runner or centerpiece and provides the perfect background for displaying decorated eggs, flowers, and chocolate bunnies. Seeds take a few days to sprout, and in about 10 days, the grass will be ready to use as a decoration in your home -- just in time for Easter.


  • Wheat grass block

  • Clear Mylar

  • Ribbon

  • River stones

  • Aqua picks

  • Flowers (crocus, muscari, scilla)

  • Chocolate bunnies

  • Colored eggs


  1. Take a large block of wheat grass.

  2. Place clear Mylar underneath.

  3. Attach ribbon around the edge with pins.

  4. Add river stones around the edge.

  5. Arrange cut flowers in aqua picks around the table runner.

  6. Add chocolate bunnies and colored eggs to desired effect.

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