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Edge-Punched Napkin Ring

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, February 2010


This lovely napkin collar draws from Asian design elements and is part of our Chinese New Year Table Setting.


Martha Stewart Daisy Fan deep edger punch and all other tools and materials available from Martha Stewart Crafts.


  • Medium-weight decorative paper

  • Scissors or craft knife

  • Ruler

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut a 2 1/2-by-12-inch strip of medium-weight decorative paper. With a deep edge punch, begin punching at one end of strip. Slide paper to the left, and align the punched area with the guide template; punch again. Repeat until entire strip is punched.

  2. Turn paper and punch opposite side of strip, lining up shapes to mirror the other side (with the Daisy Fan punch, this will create a row of circular flowers).

  3. When entire strip is punched, cut sections of three full flower shapes.

  4. Wrap a section around a folded napkin and secure with double-sided tape.

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