New This Month

Martha on DVD: Spring Gardening

Planting Lilies
Planting Primrose
Early Spring Fertilizer
Planting Clematis
Making a New Herb Garden
Dividing Hellebores with Dan Hinkley
Planting Sweet Peas

Early Season Weeding
Self-Sowing Annuals
Planting Nasturtiums

Seed Compost with Dan Hinkley
Seed-Starting Tips
Seed-Starting Kit

Early Gourd Planting
Stalking Peas
Sowing Leeks
Raised Bed Garden
Planting Salads and Spinach
Planting Edible Peas
Asparagus Harvest

Cooking from the Garden
Cooking Asparagus
Mache Prosciutto Parsnip Salad with Todd Koons
Fontina Asparagus Bruschetta
Spring Garden Cake with Michelle Bommarito
Rhubarb Crisp

Garden Tote
Garden Glove Glossary
Five Essential Garden Tools
Pruning Tools with Greg Stephens
Spring Garden Rakes
Loppers 101 with Tony Bielaczyk
Border Shears
Long Armed Pruners
Soil Tamper with Dan Hinkley

Garden Tours
Gerbera Daisies with Barry Brand and Gidus Hopmans
Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Ted Maclin
Keukenhof Bulb Garden with Mr. Warnenhoven
Diversity of Orchids
Japanese Stroll Garden with Stephen Morrell


Potting Dahlias
Herb Pots
Succulent Pots
Sterilizing Clay Pots
Potting Mix Glossary
Pot Glossary with Guy Wolff
Repotting Plants

Indoor Gardening
Fragrant Houseplants with Dennis Schrader
Houseplant Transport
Indoor Parterre
Right Plant in the Right Light with Mark Fisher
Houseplant Tune-Up with Beth Castellon
Lettuce Container

Seasonal Alliums
Seasonal Hyacinths
Seasonal Tree Peonies
Arranging Tulips

Garden Maintenance
Spring Garden Clean-Up
Garden Tool Care
Cleaning the Rose Garden
Lawn Garden Clean-Up
Garden Hose Repair
Wheelbarrow Care
Lawn Mower Tune-Up with John Henske
Gardening Hand Care
Soil Test Kit

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