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Uncluttering Closets

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 1177c

Martha and her team of experts suggest following these tips to clean out your closet and keep it organized.

Closet Uncluttering Tips
-Clear the closet of all its contents.

-To take control of the clutter, separate everything into three categories: what to keep, what to store, and what to donate.

-Next, choose the proper shelving and drawers to accommodate your needs and your closet space. Use all available wall space with an adjustable-shelving system that lets you go as low or as high as possible.

-Mesh metal drawers that pull out easily provide great visibility and access.

-Put children's toys in bins instead of having them scattered across the floor.

-Reposition hanger rods to the appropriate height to allow children to easily access their clothes. You can also color code hangers to differentiate clothing for children who share the same closet.

-Keep out-of-season clothes in clear storage bags.

-Keep a step stool handy to reach upper shelves.

We used an Elfa shelving system from the Container Store; its interchangeable components allow you to maximize closet space.

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