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Evergreen Centerpiece

Martha Stewart Living Television

In winter, evergreens make ideal centerpieces. There are many ways to create a centerpiece with evergreens, but something simple is often the most effective. Take the time to choose an unusual or interesting container -- Martha and her mother use old ironstone pudding molds. Then fill the container with several varieties of evergreen branches.

Gather greens from your yard, or go to your local florist or greenhouse. Atriplex, cedar, arborvitae, and white pine are good choices because they vary in texture and hue. Combining branches of several of these varieties will result in a wonderful bouquet for your table.

The key to making the arrangement look full and luscious is to keep the branches from showing; accentuate the needles, the leaves, and pinecones by filling your container with as many branches as possible and keeping the exposed stems below the top of the container. Your bouquet should last for several weeks if you keep the arrangement in a cool place and change the water daily.

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