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Painting Tips from The Home Depot

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 5128

When planning your next painting project, remember these top tips from The Home Depot experts:

"Before you paint, wrap masking tape around the roller and then pull it off. This de-lints the roller and ensures that those little hairs, or roller fuzz, do not stick to your walls."
-- Tina Clay from San Diego, California 

"When you remove your light-switch and outlet covers before painting, use painters' tape to tape the screws to the covers so you don't lose them."
-- Melissa McCord from Sherwood, Oregon 

"When you're using latex paint, wet your brushes and rollers and then shake them out so they're damp before you start painting. This prevents them from becoming 'wicks' and sucking up paint.
-- Andy Gordanier from Flemington, New Jersey

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