After David Zucker, our former director of marketing analytics and onternet operations, gave his twins their first pet dog, animal expert Marc Morrone stopped by to discuss caring for the new Airedale puppy, Anabelle.

The Airedale terrier was first bred around 1840 in Great Britain and was a favorite of sheep farmers and miners. Intelligent, reliable, and adaptable, Airedales typically experience few health problems and are very responsive to training. But like all puppies, they tend to chew on anything nearby, which is why they should constantly be provided with toys; this way, they'll learn to chew on the toys, rather than their owners' hands.

As Marc explains, it's also essential that Airedales be groomed regularly, as they have two coats: a soft undercoat and a harder-textured outer jacket. And because they're relatively large dogs, it's best to adopt an Airedale only if you have sufficient space; they are poor candidates for apartment living.

Special Thanks

Marc Morrone, pet expert


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