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Green Silk Leaves

Photography: Eric Piasecki

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October October Fall 2007 2007


These green silk leaves are a wonderful addition to pumkin decorations.


  • Silk dupioni fabric

  • 9-inch-long cloth-covered floral wires

  • Floral tape

  • Wire cutter

  • Pencil


  1. Download and print leaf template. Choose leaf size. Cut a square piece of fabric larger than leaf. Fold square in half, and lay leaf template along the fold. Trace and cut out leaf.

  2. To craft the stem and leaf veins, wrap five 9-inch-long cloth-covered floral wires with floral tape, 4 inches down from the top. Splay the 5 wires to create veins. If wire extends over leaf edge, trim with wire cutter. Apply glue to one side of splayed wires and press against leaf. Shape leaf with fingers. Tip: Place a book over leaf to help it dry.

  3. Repeat process to create several leaves.

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