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The Martha Stewart Show, November 2009

Staying organized is often easier said than done. Sometimes, the toughest part of tackling a to-do is figuring out where to begin -- and that's where author Rory Tahari comes in. Next time you feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, try some of her innovative ideas.

Organizing Your Home
1. Compile all your contacts, from family to vendors, in one easy-to-find list so you don't have to scramble for phone numbers when you need them.

2. When looking to buy a new home, be sure to visit the houses you are interested in buying at different times of day and night to get a true feel for the place. Also, be sure to knock on neighbors' doors and ask them questions -- you might be surprised to see what you find out. Plus, you will get a feel for the types of neighbors you will have.

3. When you are selling a home, Rory recommends putting out water, cookies, cupcakes, or other treats -- the more welcoming and comfortable you make your potential buyers feel, the better chance you'll have to sell your home.

Organizing During Pregnancy
1. Take lots of pictures. You may feel overweight and not want to be photographed, but later you will regret not having more pictures of this special time.

2. Ask someone to buy a newspaper the day your baby is born. Everyone thinks about it, means to do it, but often simply does not, so assign this task to someone else beforehand.

3. When packing for the hospital, be sure to take honey. You won't be allowed to eat, and honey will give you a much-needed burst of energy if you are in a long labor.

Organizing Travel
1. Before heading out on a trip, alert your credit card companies that you are traveling. This way, you are sure to avoid having your cards shut off due to unusual charges.

2. Be prepared for medical emergencies: Bring a list of important doctors and extra medication that you are taking in case with you in case something gets lost or you stay longer. And always keep medications on you, not in checked luggage.

For more organization tips, visit or check out her book, "Lists for Life."

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