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Sharpening Scissors and Shears

Martha Stewart Living, October 1997

A keen edge on tools such as scissors and shears is essential for making clean cuts that don't leave ragged edges, which can leave plants vulnerable to diseases. Whenever scissors or shears become dull, quickly give them back their fine edge with a good sharpener. Slots on the sharpener position the blades just right, and a stone angled between the slots grinds both edges at once.

1. Attach a good sharpener to a corner of your workbench.

2. Starting at the tips, rest the blades in the slots, then push them away from you, gently pressing them toward each other to keep pressure on the stone. Once you reach the junction, separate the blades, and pull them back toward you without making contact with the stone.

3. Repeat ten to thirty times, until the blades are sharp to the touch.


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