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Chenin Blanc

Everyday Food, Volume 21 April 2005

This affordable wine has a complex flavor and delicate fragrance. It is a good accompaniment to a light dinner.

Where It Comes From
Chenin Blanc is one of the prized grapes of the Loire Valley in France. It is now grown all over the world, especially South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States (California).

What It Tastes Like
In France, the Chenin Blanc grape produces classic white wines and many sparkling wines. The still wines range from clean and crisp to fruity and rich with an intense honeyed-fruit flavor (apples, melon, citrus, and tropical fruits). Elsewhere in the world most of the chenin blancs are dry to medium dry and often used in blends.

What to Serve It With
Try dry chenin blanc with salads, light pasta, and rice dishes. The sweeter wines go well with fruit desserts.

How Much It Costs
A good bottle of chenin blanc can cost as little as $8, but most are between $10 and $15.


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