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Exotic Plant Propagation Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2007

Epimedium Fargesii

-Propagation type: simple division.

-Spring is the best time of year to do this because growth is resuming.

-Use a sharp knife or a hand fork to tease the plant apart.

-Make sure to preserve the root system as much as possible.

-Make sure to have a healthy bit of root, a crown, and a stem with each division.

-Replant the divided plants at the same depth as the mother plant.

-Establish them in a good, well-drained potted container and then move them to the garden

Ypsilandra Thibetica

-Propagation type: leaf cutting.

-By propagating the leaf, you can make 200 new plants and not affect the size of the mother plant.

-Cut a single leaf, and insert it, bottom down, in a compost of sand and perlite (a 50-50 mixture) and water.

-Cover the flat with a lid to keep the humidity level up.

-Within a month, the leaves will have rooted and new plantlets will have formed along the base.

-They will be flowering size by the following year.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to plant explorer Dan Hinkley for showing how to propagate plants.

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