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Basement Organization

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2009

To help maintain order and keep your belongings in excellent condition while stored in spaces such as a basement, follow these simple tips:

1. Keep linens in an acid-free box and separate with acid-free tissue paper.

2. When it comes to holiday storage, separate your items by holiday. Then, store them in plastic bins, labeled on both sides for easy identification.

3. When storing items, place the heavier items on bottom, lighter items on top.

4. When storing glasses, don't stack them; they can break or scratch or get stuck together.

5. When storing dishes, sort by color and put felt rounds between stacked plates.

6. Go through your items periodically and give away those you don't need.

Our viewer-mail participant was given a Brother P-Touch Labeling System and a Textile Storage Kit from to help in her organization.

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