At your local farmer's market, you can find some unusually beautiful kinds of potatoes and the best ways to use them -- for example, those that taste great baked may not be as good when boiled.

Potato Varieties

'Red Norland'

A delicate variety with a thin red skin; best steamed or roasted.

'German Butterball'

A yellow, waxy variety with tender flesh; best baked or roasted.

'Russian Banana Fingerling'

Sweet yellow flesh ideal for steaming.

'Purple Viking'

Deep-purple skin with white flesh; dry in texture like a russet potato; best for steaming, roasting, and mashing.

'Yellow Finn'

Sweet yellow flesh; good for stews, soups, and potato salads.

'Oregon Blue'

Unusual deep-purple flesh; good for roasting, baking, mashing, frying, and potato salad.

'Burbank russet'

Firm dry flesh, ideal for baking. These nutritious Russets are exceptionally rich in potassium and vitamins due to their long, 130-day growing period.

'Yukon Gold'

A popular variety with golden-yellow flesh; best for boiling and mashing.

'Ozette Fingerling'

Sweet waxy flesh; great cooked with the skin on.

'Rose Finn Apple Fingerling'

Sweet yellow flesh with an apple-like flavor.

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November 26, 2016
What makes mashed Yukon Potatoes Pastie?