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Scrapbook Techniques

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January 2006


  • Utility knife

  • Ruler

  • Scrapbook pages

  • Double-sided tape

  • Photo adhesive tape

  • Post or ring-bound scrapbook

  • Colored paper


  1. Remove cover and pages: Using a utility knife and ruler, cut off covers of a used hardcover travel book, keeping 1/8 inch of spine intact; set covers aside, and discard spine.

  2. Cut out pages (we used 12) to use as backgrounds (you can also use store-bought scraps, such as maps). Assemble scrapbook: Attach photos and scraps to pages.

  3. Make accordion book: Lay out 6 pages, right sides down. Join pages with photo adhesive tape. Back with remaining 6 pages, using photo adhesive paper. Attach covers: Use photo adhesive tape to attach left side of first page to right side of front cover. Attach decorative paper to inside of cover using photo adhesive paper to create an end paper and to hide tape. Repeat for back cover.

  4. Slip a piece of heavy card stock into an airmail envelope. Using a utility knife, cut out face of envelope, leaving backing and decorative border intact; repeat with 4 more envelopes. Cut photos to size; insert into envelopes. Stack envelopes; glue all flaps together using an archival glue stick. Cut 1 envelope-length slit along 1 edge of scrapbook page. Slip flaps through; fold over, and tape to opposite side to secure.

  5. Tape together 2 pieces of notebook paper (ours is 7 1/2-by-8 1/2-inches), short end to short end. Trim width if necessary to fit scrapbook pages. Fold paper up from bottom as shown, making pockets in desired depths. Stitch sides to scrapbook pages with a sewing machine to secure, or glue with an archival glue stick.

  6. Remove pages from a post- or ring-bound scrapbook. Cover pages with colored paper (we used acid-free blue paper), securing with double-sided tape. 

  7. Download border template from our website; print 1 for each postcard.

  8. Cut out center of each with a utility knife, keeping border intact. Position 1 on page; trace a window, using border as a guide; cut out window. Glue border around window; flip page.

  9. Attach clear adhesive photo corners; insert a postcard, writing side up. Repeat with each postcard. Add labels using an archival

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