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Outdoor Lighting: Hanging Trees

Photography: Victoria Pearson

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2007


These conical Christmas trees are crafted from tomato cages. Here, they are hung from the boughs of an oak and illuminate the agave below, lending a touch of winter to an arid climate.

For more ideas and installation tips, see Nights All Aglow.


  • 3-tier round wire tomato cage

  • Black all-weather electrical tape

  • Monofilament

  • 100-bulb strands of green wire mini lights


  1. Bend cage's legs to form point; tape together.

  2. Starting at circle beneath point, tie lengths of monofilament halfway between vertical supports. Wrap monofilament once around middle circle, then tie to bottom circle.

  3. Tape prong end of light strand to point. Wrap strand around cage, spacing evenly and securing with tape as needed.

  4. To hang, attach a loop of monofilament.

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