Some wreaths don't seem complete until they are finished off with a large, lavish bow. A crisp ribbon will make the nicest bow; grosgrain, satin, taffeta, and velvet are ideal choices.

1. Cut the ribbon to desired length. (A bow with extra-large loops or extra-long tails will require more length.) Form ribbon into two equal loops with about 12 inches of ribbon between them.

2. Cross the right loop over the left.

3. Knot the loops by pushing the right loop behind the left, under, and through the hole.

4. Pull knot tight; adjust loops and tails to desired size. Lightly fold the ends and cut, creating a notch. Attach the finished bow to the wreath with a small piece of green florist's wire.


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October 27, 2011
It's the same as "Martha's Favourite Bow" found here:
November 28, 2010
I printed this project out 2 years ago, and the first phot still hasn't been fixed. Could someone please do this so that we might know what is meant in the instructions? Very helpful. Thanks much. LMK