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Holly Stocking

Embellish handmade or store-bought stockings with felt holly berries and leaves.

Source: Martha Stewart Living


Get the pattern for the linen stockings. (Sew the holly decorations to the fabric before making the stocking.)

Get the how-to for the pinecone stocking.


  • Sewing machine

  • Card stock

  • Fabric glue

  • Red and dark green thread

  • Scissors

  • Green felt

  • Disappearing-ink pen


  1. To make berries, follow the instructions for our Fall Berry Wreath, but cut 21 triangular strips (to make 9 holly clusters) and omit the wire.

  2. Download holly-leaf templates, and print onto card stock. Cut out templates, and trace onto green felt with a disappearing-ink pen (you'll need 20 leaves to make 9 clusters). Cut out leaves.

  3. Using fabric glue, attach holly leaves to fabric that will serve as front of handmade stocking (or on front of store-bought stocking). Using a sewing machine with dark-green thread, stitch a "vein" 2/3 of the way up each leaf, starting at the base, to secure (hand-stitch if using a store-bought stocking).

  4. Using red thread, hand-stitch berries onto leaves.

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