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Quilling Valentines: Script

Classic valentine messages never go out of style.

Photography: Gentl and Hyers

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2002


You can shape individual strips of paper, curling the ends as you would a ribbon, to form letters that resemble calligraphy. Use carefully placed dabs of craft glue to hold each letter in place on a card. 


  1. Write a message in your own hand, adapt one from a calligraphy book, or create one on a computer.

  2. Lay short strips of quilling paper along the curves of each letter you want to form.

  3. Shape ends with quilling tool, or use scissors to curl paper as you would a ribbon; cut strips to correct length.

  4. Trace message onto paper. Glue at intervals, one letter at a time.

  5. Turn quilling paper on edge; use tweezers to hold it in place for 15 seconds to allow glue to set.

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