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Storing Produce Tips

Everyday Food, Volume 33 June 2006

The fresh taste and nutritional value of summer produce will last longer with these storage tips.

In the Bag
Most refrigerated vegetables do best in a perforated resealable plastic bag (make 6 to 8 holes in a 1-gallon bag). The bag holds in moisture; the holes help release compounds that produce spoilage while letting in oxygen so the vegetables can "breathe." If vegetables were sprayed with water at the market, lining the plastic bag with paper towels will help absorb excess moisture. Wait until just before using to wash vegetables.

Room Temperature
Keep avocados, eggplants, and tomatoes at room temperature. Once fully ripe, use within a day or two.

In the Crisper
This is the coldest and moistest section of the refrigerator and the best place to store the produce below. Place in a perforated resealable plastic bag.
Corn (with husk)
Green beans

On the Top Shelf of the Refrigerator
The vegetables listed below keep best in the warmest part of the refrigerator -- the top shelves near the front. Place them in a perforated resealable plastic bag.
Summer squashes

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