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Office Supply Holiday Tree

File under "C" for clever

Photography: Bill Batten

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Fall 2005


Office-supply stores have all the trimmings for a tree that belies its workaday origins. Key tags decorated with stickers, ornaments cut from file folders, and paper-clip chains dangle from the branches. A bubble-packaging tree skirt and presents dressed up in graph paper, stickers, and rubber bands circle the base.



  1. For tree, cut a half shape along crease of a file folder; unfold; punch a hole for a string.

  2. To create a star topper, cut a slit in each of two retail-sign sunbursts; interlock and secure with foil medallion stickers.

  3. Make a garland by linking paper clips.

  4. For pine cones, fold red sales tags in half; trim sides with scalloping scissors.

  5. Craft a bell out of tags by cutting into shape; add round stickers for the clapper (place two back to back).

  6. Use highlighters and stickers to decorate dangling key tags (punch an extra hole and link them).

  7. Join two tags with rectangular stickers to make an ornament resembling wrapped candy.

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