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9 End-of-Summer Good Things for August 2008

This is the perfect remedy to cure those summer blues: We've curated some Good Things for the month of August, including a "berry" beautiful way to add color to your summer whites, a few new ways to eat up your favorite summer flavors, and an eye-popping idea that puts some zing in your porch swing.

Martha Stewart Living

Folded-Napkin Pillow Cases

If you have a basic sewing kit (and the skills to match), you can easily stitch together a set of pillow cases for your patio chair, poolside bench, or porch swing, or any outdoor space. You can make several pillowcases using a mix of colors and designs or a matching set, and swap them whenever you want a change of color scheme. Use spares when their matches have been lost, or buy single napkins when they catch your eye.

Pickled Green Tomatoes

There's nothing better than green tomatoes. You've heard of them being fried. Now, have you tried them pickled? Any unripe ones leftover from your garden can be made into snacks or appetizers for your end-of-the-summer blowout cookout. They are cut into quarters and refrigerated in a covered jar of brine.


Fresh-Peach-Infused Vinegar Recipe

On the flip side, summer means overripe stone fruit. Think peaches, especially. Have you thought to use them to make flavored vinegars for green salads? And with their bright, summery color, they make a nice hostess gift.


Message-in-a-Bottle Place Cards

How these teeny-tiny bottles washed up on your table would be anyone's guess. But, for your guests, the message is clear: we saved you a seat.


After-Dinner Mint

No need to skip dessert tonight. These after-dinner mints make the perfect guilt-free refresher for your palate before you leave the table. Ours couldn't be more simply (or minty-fresh): we took frozen mint leaves and dipped them in decadent dark chocolate. Feel free to take one (or as many as you'd like, we won't judge.)


Beach Towel Tote Bag

The only bummer about the beach is when it's time to leave. And no, we aren't talking about the day ending. We mean the inevitable pack-up-and-move shuffle. Turn bathroom towels into an all-in-one beach mat and tote bag. That means one less thing for you to carry back to the car.


Takeaway Bouquets

Everyone deserves flowers. At the party, they serve as beautiful live centerpieces. When the party's over, they double as party favors for the guests to take home. We used zinnias, hydrangeas, and Queen Anne's lace for ours, but feel free to choose from your floral favorites.


Hanging Wire Organizer

Is your workspace working hard or hardly working? A wall-mounted wire organizer is just the thing you need.


Blueberry Fabric Stamps

Blueberry season is in full swing, and there's more than one way to enjoy their bright, jewel-toned color and round shapes. These summertime berries inspired our fantastic fabric-stamping trick. Use it to brighten your boring summer whites.


Didn't find what you were looking for? No problem, the summer isn't over yet. There's still so many crafts to try.

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