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Displaying Flags

Martha Stewart Living, Volume 71 July/August 1999

Whether your flags fly from a porch, fence, or doorway, one of these festive flag-display ideas is sure to be right for you.

1. This porch displays red, white, and blue bunting (the fabric flags are made from) that has been tacked to the porch eaves and tied with ribbon at the bottom. The trios of small flags are held up by aluminum brackets.

2. Small flags of graduating sizes burst from a basket-weave planter in front of Martha's pool.

3. A banner of flags surrounds the doorway (all with the blue canton properly placed in the upper-left corner), and 10 flags stand at attention on the swinging gate. To attach the flags to the gate, use a staple gun or drill holes in a piece of two-by-two-inch lumber the diameter of the flag dowels, and tack it to the gate each spring or summer.

4. Festive half-rounds of bunting, with grommets for hanging, sway from a cottage porch; above them, seven flags shoot out from their own flag holders, all attached to a simple plywood plaque.

5. Flags sewn to a length of ribbon encircle the basket of this bike. To decorate the wheels, tape two folds of white crepe paper together into one long piece, roll it up lengthwise, twist snugly, and weave through alternating spokes; make another long twist using blue paper, then weave it through opposite alternating spokes. Repeat with white and red paper.

6. Over the porch, a swag of flags is suspended from cotton clothesline; more flags line the walkway.

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