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Housewarming Gifts: Thoughtful Tips

Martha Stewart Living, September 2000

Think Locally
What better way to welcome newcomers than with something made in your community? If you have a nearby potter, basket weaver, or rug maker, their crafts can make a perfect housewarming gift. Giving something that's created by a local artisan not only lets a new neighbor in on one of your town's charms, it also supports the hometown economy. Foods harvested in your region -- honey, apples, fresh eggs -- make welcoming gifts, too.

Return-Address Stamp
For friends who are moving away, an address stamp is a practical and thoughtful gift that costs around 20 dollars. A rubber-stamp maker will design one to your specifications. Or, use a computer to design it, and take a printout to the shop. To make a change-of-address kit, include blank postcards and postage stamps. Your friends can send out their new address stamped under the words "We've Moved."

Don't Forget the Kids
Keep children occupied on moving day by filling a toy truck or special case with boxes of tiny furniture, toys, snacks, and games that they can unpack themselves and arrange any way they like.

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