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Holiday Collectibles

Timeless Ornaments
The silvery, shining glass of a Victorian kugel ornament is a mirror onto the past. Hold one in your hand and you can imagine it on an old-fashioned Christmas tree, reflecting the flickering flames of candles.

Merry Vintage Linens
Deck the halls with lively poinsettias, vivid swirls of ribbon, and stylized pine boughs appearing on modest household goods such as tablecloths, aprons, napkins, handkerchiefs, and cafe curtains.

Turkey Red Damask
Turkey red damask has the rare quality of appearing both homey and exotic at the same time. With a little ingenuity, scissors, and needle and thread, you may be able to transform it into pillow shams, Christmas stockings, tea cozies, or even picture frames.

Festive Candles
This time of year, most candles are meant to cast a warm, golden glow over a holiday dinner or to fill an entryway with the inviting scents of pine and bayberry. But figural Christmas candles from the mid-20th century are a different matter.

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