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12 Spook-tacular Good Things for October 2007

We're conjuring up some wickedly Good Things for the month of October, including dramatic floral arrangements covered in spindly cobwebs, cupcakes baked with a sweet surprise, and candles that drip blood -- perfect for Halloween and the autumn season.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2007

Forbidding Flowers

This blood-red bouquet becomes dramatic Halloween decor when covered in creepy cobwebs. Here is how to make the webs: Cut a 5-inch section from a pair of white panty hose, and stretch it out until it becomes wispy and spindly; then, stretch it over your blooms (we used crimson roses and dahlias, plus fiddlehead ferns).

Paper Liners

Here's a good idea for "clearing the cobwebs" in your workspace: Make a set of paper-lined glasses to hold your pencils, pens, and other office supplies. Simply measure the dimensions, and cut a piece of card stock to the vessel's height and circumference. Make a matching set in the same decorative paper, or an eclectic set in different-yet-similar colors. Better yet, designate a corresponding colored glass to each type of supplies to help you remember what goes where.


Creepy Candles

These would be perfect for decorating your haunted home in the style of Dracula's castle. Take a closer look at the flickering flame of these candles and you're in for a spooky surprise. This cluster of white taper candles are dripping with "blood" (but it's only red candle wax).


Flyaway Favors

Wee little witches get a proper send-off with broomstick favors! And all you need are four materials (plus the Halloween candy to stuff them).


Seasonal Settings

Hosting an autumnal fete? At this time of year, nature offers the best, brightest colors to adorn your table and wow your guests. For a simple yet elegant idea, arrange a short clipping of vivid fall leaves (we used maple) at each place setting. When your guests sit in their seats, they'll be impressed by this small seasonal detail.


Putting Down Roots

And for the centerpiece? If you're opting for a funnier idea, these Daikon radishes and turnips are all smiles.


Crisped Prosciutto

What are we "falling" in love with for food this season? Hint: it's delightfully crisp and makes a salty accent for all kinds of soups, pastas, and salads. Better yet, it's ready in just 15 minutes.


Gourds by Number

Trust us, these will look gourd-geous sitting in your doorway.


Smashing Pumpkin

Invite ghoulish guests of all ages with this grinning card. It comes with bright, festive colors, a printable template, and an oh-so familiar grin.


Sweet Surprises

What to do with that leftover Halloween candy? (That is, if you and your little boys and ghouls didn't eat it all in one sitting.) Here's an untraditional (and surprisingly sweet) take on the post-holiday candy binge. (Our favorites combine chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and nuts.)


Tying One On

This month is also the prime time for prepping your lawn for the cold, snow-laden winter ahead. (Don't even get us started on all those leaves left behind to rake.) So as your toting your wheelbarrow, rakes, and garden tools around the property, here's an idea that will prove very useful.


And if you're looking for more harrowing Halloween crafts? We've got you covered.

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