Strawberry planters are vessels used for growing your favorite fruits (and other plants!), and this project helps you expertly create your own at home.
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terra cotta tiered strawberry planter
Courtesy of Home Depot

Reminiscent of medieval herb planters fashioned from cracked wine jars, a strawberry pot is the perfect planter for growing a collection of plants in a small area. It is favored by strawberry growers because it protects plants from grit and can be rotated so fruit ripens evenly on all sides. The pot's cupped openings keep plants from sprawling and inhibit weed growth, and the bottom of each cup slants downward slightly for proper drainage. Aside from growing strawberries, the pot is ideal for succulents and herbs.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Before filling the pot with potting mix and plants, cut a length of PVC pipe slightly longer than the height of the pot, and drill holes along its sides, about every two inches. Center the pipe vertically in the pot while planting. Later, water, and fertilizer poured into the hose will seep into the potting mix, and the top of the hose will eventually be obscured by the plants on top.

Step 2

Place terra-cotta shards or metal screen over the pot's drainage hole to prevent potting mix from washing out. Scoop potting mix into the pot until it fills the lowest openings. Position the PVC pipe vertically in the center of the pot while adding more potting mix.

Step 3

Carefully remove a plant from its container and separate it into sections. Set plants into the lowest pockets, and pack potting mix firmly around the roots.

Step 4

Continue scooping potting mix into the pot to the higher openings; plant these the same way. Repeat this process, working upward, until all of the openings are filled. Plant the top of the pot as you would a standard pot.

Step 5

Water the top of the pot, pouring some water through the PVC pipe, and water each pocket gently to avoid flooding and dislodging roots.

Step 6

Turn the pot every few days to provide plants with equal exposure to the sun.


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