Some of the most valuable lessons you've taken from the magazine, you tell us, have been small ones. These might have been instructions for an everyday task, such as how to fold a fitted sheet: "One of life's great mysteries solved!" wrote one reader. Or maybe it was an introduction to a project you never realized was quite so doable, such as bargaining at a flea market, frosting a cake, or making a seat cushion. Here are 15 of your favorites. We call them how-tos. You call them the tips you have learned, loved, and passed along.

Press a Flower

Peel Tomatoes

Open and Pour Champagne

Fold a Towel

Fold a Fitted Sheet

Make a Candle

Sew a Button

Score and Fold Paper

Frost a Layer Cake

Make a Seat Cushion

Plant a Tree

Repot a Plant

Make a Quick Fix

Boil a Perfect Egg

Bargain at a Flea Market

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