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Carve a Chicken

Everyday Food, Volume 32 May 2006

Here's how to cut up a roast chicken so that each serving includes white meat and dark meat.

1. Place chicken, breast side up, on cutting board. With a chef's knife, cut through skin between breast and thigh. Using a fork, gently push leg away to expose joint. With tip of knife, cut through joint to free the whole leg.

2. Wriggle drumstick to find where it meets thigh, or try to locate with tip of knife. Cut through joint with a firm, downward motion.

3. Using tip of knife, cut along breast bone and wishbone, separating meat from bone. While gently pushing breast back, nip and cut with tip of knife, following contour of rib cage, cutting meat off bone.

4. To serve, cut breast in half on the diagonal so there's enough breast meat to go around.

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