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From the Garden: Ornamental Cabbages and Kales

Martha Stewart Living, November 2008

Pick of the Patch
Ornamental cabbages and kales, better known as colorful pinch hitters in cool-season gardens, lend an unexpected grace to indoor displays. 

Here, peony-like clusters and lacy, pink-tinged leaves are interspersed with seeded eucalyptus and arranged in a weathered urn.

Arranging How-Tos
Follow the steps below to create pink-and-green or pink-and-gold arrangements. 

Strip cabbages' outer leaves as needed for prettier rosettes, and cut stems at an angle with floral shears. The cabbages, kales, and seeded eucalyptus branches can last up to two weeks. The flowers will fade sooner but can be replaced as needed.

Pink-and-Green Arrangement
12 cabbage rosettes in pink and white
6 kale stems in pink and green
12 seeded eucalyptus branches

Pink-and-Gold Arrangement
12 deep-pink cabbage rosettes
10 burgundy mini calla lilies
8 ruby astrantia
20 golden winterberry branches

1. Fit vessel with a protective liner if needed (we used one for the urn). Place a spiked flower frog inside; secure with floral adhesive. Fill halfway (or more if vessel is shallow) with water.

2. Insert cabbage (and kale if using); vary placement according to color and texture. Form a loose mound as you work; fill in gaps with branches or blooms. Change water every 3 days or as needed.

Vase-Worthy Vegetables
Bursts of fuchsia and gold energize the color scheme of a Thanksgiving table. The pink cabbage rosettes share a vase with astrantia blossoms, small wine-red calla lilies, and golden winterberries. 

All Frills
Ornamental kales and cabbage are a vivid presence long after other flowers have faded. Lipstick-pink 'Nagoya Red' kale and deep-veined 'Dynasty Red' cabbage show off jewel tones. 'Osaka White' kale is edged in pale green.

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