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Make a Candle

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2006


These dainty teacup candles offer a way to reuse old candles. We've used this technique with seashells, sake cups, and more.

Candle How-To
In a small pan set over a large pan of simmering water, heat partially burned candles until melted. (Clip a candy or candle thermometer to the small pan; keep temperature around 185 degrees.) Remove old wicks with tongs.

Cut a piece of wicking to 2 inches more than a teacup's height. Clamp one end to a wick sustainer; tie the other end around a wooden skewer. Dip wicking and sustainer into melted wax to coat. Remove, and press sustainer to cup's bottom. Pour wax into teacup, stopping 1/2 inch below cup's rim. Let stand until set, about 1 hour. To even well in center, use another skewer to prick a circle of holes about 1/16 inch deep around wick. Pour in melted wax until surface is 1/4 inch below the rim.

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