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Faux-Amaryllis Wreath

Source: Martha Stewart


Sources: Silk amaryllis: 29-inch-tall large red with 3 blooms, from, 831-768-8428. Ribbon: 50-mm-wide double-faced velveteen in Red (No. 4643; color No. 1), from Mokuba New York, 212-869-8900. 24-inch double-rail wreath ring, from, 877-846-3797.


  • Cedar sprigs (from florists or Christmas tree vendors)

  • 22-gauge floral wire

  • 24-inch double-rail wreath form

  • Silk amaryllis blooms (we used 15; cut off stems before using)

  • Wide velveteen ribbon in red


  1. Strip lower portion of cedar sprigs. Take a handful of sprigs, and bind ends to wreath form with wire. Lay an amaryllis bloom on sprigs, and bind to secure.

  2. Add another sprig bundle and amaryllis bloom below first additions, overlapping slightly and securing with wire. Repeat until wreath form is covered.

  3. Tie a double-loop sash bow, and secure with wire to top of finished wreath. Wreath will last up to 3 weeks. For wreath hanging instructions, click here.

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