Jane Packer, one of the world's foremost floral designers, shared these tips for making beautiful flower arrangements that are perfect for winter.

Narcissi Topiary

Tools and Materials




Glass vase


Narcissi Topiary How-To

1. Gather the stems of the narcissi to make a dome shape with the flower heads; tie stems together with cord and trim to the same length.

2. Place stems in glass vase and surround them with gravel, which will keep the flowers from falling over.

Single Bloom

Tools and Materials

One flower bloom


Colored sand

Single Bloom How-To

1. Take a single bloom (such as a green chrysanthemum) and float it in a glass cube filled with water.

2. Add green sand on the bottom of the glass. Use matching colors to bring a theme together

Calla Lilly Arrangement

Tools and Materials

Calla lilies

Glass bowl

White gravel


Calla Lilly Arrangement How-To

1. Leave the calla stems out of water for a short time so that they become very pliable.

2. Insert them into a glass bowl filled with white gravel.

3. Add water.

Special Thanks

Jane Packer

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