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Jelly Bean Arrangement

An abundance of brightly colored jelly beans complements a mass of pastel tulips in an arrangement that's perfect for Easter -- or any fine spring day.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Angelica Calvo and Jennifer Pfeiffer, of New York City's Magnolia flower shop, nest one 5-by-5-inch cylindrical vase brimming with approximately 70 tulips inside a slightly larger container (6 by 6 inches); the space in between is filled with jelly beans. 

When selecting tulips, look for firm, closed blooms and green foliage. The colorful candies hide the flowers' stems here, but blueberries, marbles, seashells, or even colored sea glass paired with complementary flowers would make a stunning centerpiece.


  • 2 clear-glass cylindrical vases, one slightly larger than the other
  • Jelly beans in assorted colors
  • Tulips
  • Sharp knife or scissors

  • Rubber band
  • Flower food


  1. Place the small vase inside the larger one, and fill the space in between with jelly beans, making sure that the inner vase is centered. Fill the inner vase halfway with water.

  2. Prepare tulips by removing foliage from stems using a sharp knife or scissors. On a work surface, stack tulips so that the flowers and stems are aligned, alternating flower colors as desired. Secure blooms with a rubber band around the middle of the stems.

  3. Cut stems to a uniform length using a sharp knife or scissors (the flowers' height should be twice the outer vase's height). Fill inner vase with water, and add flower food, following label instructions. Place flowers in inner vase.

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