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Picture-Frame Card with Melissa Neufeld

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Martha's friend Melissa Neufeld shared her technique for making this great picture-frame card that was inspired by a vintage Victorian celluloid frame. Our folded card is 8 by 12 inches and fits into a 6-by-8-inch envelope.


  • Two 9-by-7 sheets of paper (contrasting designs)

  • Transfer paper

  • Transfer tape

  • Regular and scalloped scissors

  • Wave cutter

  • 12-by-8-inch piece of card stock

  • Hole punch

  • Brad

  • 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch piece of 2-ply museum board

  • Bone folder

  • 6-by-8-inch envelope, optional


  1. Cut two 9-by-7 sheets of paper from two contrasting designs.

  2. Adhere transfer paper to back of one sheet using transfer tape. Attach the two papers, back to back.

  3. Trace picture frame card template on front of double-sided paper. Cut out using regular and scalloped scissors.

  4. Line up the four points of paper and use a wave cutter to cut an X.

  5. Attach frame to card: Fold a 12-by-8-inch piece of card stock in half to make a card (folded card will be 6 by 8 inches).

  6. Lay frame right side up on top of card. Where you cut an X in the middle of the paper, you will have 4 V shapes meeting in the middle. Pull the top of the V back to meet the top of the frame. Secure by punching a hole through frame and front of card.

  7. Secure with a brad inserted front to back. Repeat for remaining 3 points, pulling each to the outside edges of frame.

  8. Keep card closed and trim about 1/2 outside the scalloped part of the card to match the design. All the straight lines of the exterior part of the card will not be cut.

  9. Add the easel: Score a 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch piece of 2-ply museum board with a bone folder, 1 1/2 inches down from one shorter end. Tape easel to inside front cover of card so that card can be cut in half along the fold and the front used as a frame.

  10. To insert picture in the frame, remove one of the brads and slide in picture. Replace brad.

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