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Lighting an Outdoor Table

Martha Stewart Living, July 2006

Did You Know?
When hurricane lanterns were first made in the nineteenth century, they were used to guide ships at sea. Their protective glass was so strong, it was believed not even a hurricane could extinguish the flame inside.

Outdoor lighting can be both functional and festive: Whether, you're highlighting a focal point in the garden, defining a pathway, or setting a table with votives, lights will help you navigate the darkness and create a little romance outside.

Borrowing colors from the sea, we covered this table with a striped green-and-white cloth and surrounded it with Parisian park chairs painted green. The table is lit with kerosene lanterns; easy to fill and light, lanterns provide the same shimmering glow as candles -- but unlike candles, they won't blow out. Lanterns can also be set down or hung by their handles at strategic points on the terrace or in the garden.

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