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Romantic Banner Cards

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


  • Decorative paper

  • Blank fold-over card

  • Utility knife

  • White glue

  • Fine point bottle or fine point brush, optional

  • Glitter, optional


  1. 1. Download and print banner template. Cut out the phrase banner you would like to place onto card.

  2. 2. Trace decorative paper to front of card. Martha traced decorative paper 1/4 inch smaller on all sides than card in order to create a border effect.

  3. 3. Add Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA) to back of decorative paper. Decide where you want the banner to go; using a utility knife, make two slits in paper for the banner ends. Trim decorative paper to desired size for card. Insert banner ends into slits, then stick decorative paper to card.

  4. If desired, add glitter details to highlight the design or picture on decorative paper. Dab white glue on details using a fine point bottle or fine point brush, then sprinkle with glitter. Tap paper slightly to remove any excess.

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