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Ribbon Lanterns

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2007


  • Paper box lantern

  • 4 lengths of satin or grosgrain ribbon per lantern, each ribbon measuring 9 times height of lantern

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Craft knife


  1. On one top corner of the lantern, measure 1/2 inch from top and 1/2 inch from side; mark with pencil.

  2. Using a craft knife, make a horizontal cut at marked point, toward center, equal to ribbon's width. Make another cut, 3/4 inch down. 

  3. Repeat process to make pairs of cuts on all corners of lantern (except on top and bottom panels).

  4. Starting at one bottom corner, thread ribbon through the 4 cuts on that side, loop ribbon over lantern, and thread other side, leaving an equal overhang on both sides. 

  5. Place another ribbon parallel to first; repeat threading.

  6. Give lantern a quarter turn; thread remaining 2 ribbons, looping over first pair.

  7. At each bottom corner, knot the 2 adjacent ribbons together, about 3 inches down. Gather all ribbons, and knot together, about 5 inches down from first knots. 

  8. Trim bottoms of ribbons at an angle. String hanging light through lantern, following manufacturer's instructions, or hang lantern as is.

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