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Martha Stewart Living Carpet Collection

The Martha Stewart Show, July 2010

Quality carpeting can boldly define space in a room, tie together disparate decorative elements, or simply add luxury and softness underfoot. Martha developed her new line of floor covering, the Martha Stewart Living Carpet Collection, with these important functions in mind.

The diverse collection, available exclusively at The Home Depot, features carpets in four styles, 36 designs, and 123 colors that are fully customizable for any space. Hand-picked by Martha and her team, the carpets are soft yet durable, and the colors coordinate with the hues from the Martha Stewart Living Paint line.

Martha and Living editorial director Kevin Sharkey share the styles that work best for each type of room in your home.

Loop: For Playrooms and Basements
A sturdy, durable carpet, the Loop style is good for playrooms, basements, and workout rooms. The designs featured on the show include Skylands in Carton, Rosecliff in Roan, Mt. Vernon in Falcon, and Mt. Vernon in Bedford Gray.

Texture: For Hallways and Living Rooms
Texture is a traditional style that's ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms. The designs featured on the show were Fairline in Blue Fir, Beekman in Faded Ink, and Boldt Castle in Anvil.

Twist: For Bedrooms
With a warm and casual look, carpet in the Twist style is perfect for bedrooms. The designs featured on the show include Fallingwater in Pink Granite, LaPaz in Chocolate Cosmos, and Tudor Place in Chocolate Truffle.

Pattern: For Formal Areas
Pattern styles contribute an elegant look to any room, and they're most suitable for bedrooms, formal sitting areas, and basements. They work especially well in large rooms that can fully display their gorgeous patterns. The designs featured on the show include Winterthur in Ash Bark, Springwood in Dill, and Monticello in Feather Duster.

Learn more about the Martha Stewart Living Carpet Collection.

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