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Meatloaf Sandwich

Martha Stewart Living Television

Although homemade meatloaf is delicious right out of the oven, some say it's even better the next day. Martha likes to put several slices of her leftover meatloaf between two pieces of thick whole-wheat or Pullman bread, creating a simple yet hearty sandwich.

Meatloaf Sandwich How-To

Begin by cutting the meatloaf into approximately 1-inch-thick slices; cut two slices per sandwich. Spread mayonnaise on a piece of bread, and lay the meatloaf slices on top. Add some lettuce and one or two slices of beefsteak tomato. Spread more mayonnaise, mustard, or homemade tomato jam on the other slice of bread, and place it on top. No reheating is necessary; just cut the sandwich in half, and enjoy.

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