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Fabric-Covered Flowerpots

Pretty prints brighten a workspace.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2006


Choose a vessel without a raised rim or a hole.


  • Paper

  • Flower pot

  • Pencil

  • Fabric

  • Disappearing-ink pen

  • Double-sided adhesive paper

  • Scissors


  1. Create a template: Wrap a piece of paper around pot, folding excess into pot and around its base. Unwrap pot, and trace creased lines with a pencil. (The resulting shape will be an arc.)

  2. Cut out the template, and trace onto wrong side of fabric with a disappearing-ink pen. Cut out a fabric arc that is 2 inches longer at top, 1 inch longer at bottom, and 1/4 inch wider on sides than the template.

  3. To apply fabric to pot, Adhere double-sided adhesive paper to the wrong side of the fabric; trim adhesive.

  4. Then align pot's top and bottom edges with marked lines on fabric; roll to adhere, pressing out air bubbles with a bone folder.

  5. Cut vertical slits in excess fabric at top, stopping just shy of rim. Fold fabric over, and adhere to interior of pot. Repeat to secure excess fabric at base.

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