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Dreamy Meringue Desserts

Martha Stewart Living, May 2006

With their delicate flavors, smooth textures, and soft shades, these light-as-air creations are as enchanting as a whisper -- and heavenly to taste. Their billowy textures are largely achieved by whipping egg whites or cream into a froth and folding the peaks into other ingredients. Many of these desserts are inspired by French patisseries, but we've reimagined them with fresh flourishes.

Ile Flottante
Chiffon Cakes with Violet Dipping Icing
Petits Choux with Rose Cream
Frozen Green Tea Souffles
Lemon Tartlets with Meringue Caps

Lemon Meringue Cake
Coconut Cream Pie
Cherry Meringue Bites
Rhubarb Raspberry Pavlova
Little Lemon Souffles
Baked Alaska
Meringue-Topped Rice Pudding
Southern Black Bottom Pie

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