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Poison Ivy Headpiece

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2007


This poison ivy headpiece makes a great last-minute halloween costume.

Tools and Materials
Headband, zigzag or flat
Artificial ivy
Black flat spray paint
Black floral tape
Martha Stewart creepy creature decorations
Silver spray paint
Colored glitter
Hot-glue gun and glue

Poison Ivy Headpiece How-To
1. Spray paint ivy, and let it dry for at least a half hour. You don't need full coverage -- a little green showing makes it look creepier. Also spray paint or glitter the Martha Stewart creepy creature decorations and let dry.

2. Place artificial leaves and berries on top of the headband.

3. Wrap black floral tape around them, securing to headband.

4. Repeat process by overlapping leaves and berries until headband is full.

5. Swap to full headband.

6. Add bugs to the headpiece with a hot-glue gun.

The Martha Stewart creepy creature decorations, glitter, and glue can be found at


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