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Seasonal Fruit Platter

Martha Stewart Living Television

A buffet-table regular, the fruit platter truly engages the senses when its fruits are as beautiful as they are tasty. The assortment Martha creates not only pleases the eye and palate, it also includes some of the most nutritious fruits: bright-green kiwi, star-shaped carambolas, and melt-in-your-mouth mangoes. Juicy pineapple pieces and tart kumquats, cut into quarters or rounds, complete the platter. To add flair to your presentation, fan out your pineapple and mango slices. (When selecting mangoes, choose ones that are fragrant and soft to the touch. After pitting them, slice against the flesh's grain.) And once you've put together your platter, squeeze the juice of a half grapefruit, preferably ruby red, over the fruits to enhance their juiciness.

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